Pic Education For Ministry

What is EFM? It is a four-year course of study prepared by the University of the South in Sewanee to assist and prepare lay people, acting in a small group community of faith, to understand and develop their personal ministries in the Church and in the world. The weekly sessions are 2-to-2.5 hours long and continue for 34 weeks out of each year. Participants explore information from weekly reading assignments and participate in theological reflections designed to help them understand the action of God in their lives. The cost for the course is $340 per year; both payment plans and scholarship assistance are available.

What EFM is not: It is not just Bible study, and it is not just for persons seeking ordination or even a change in their current involvement in the church. Although it is open to any adult in the church, it is not “for” everyone. Participants are expected to attend most of the sessions and be willing to “tackle” the reading material, which can be extensive, especially in the first two years of study. It is not a course for “theologians”, but for any committed adult who wishes to explore his or her faith more deeply in preparation for service in the Church.

Want more information? Contact Anthony Peters, a trained EFM Mentor, at 378-3688 for further details. Don't forget to mention this opportunity to folks from other churches in the area – enrollment is open to anyone interested in the course of study.

245-5187 (St. Paul's Church Office)